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What is concrete recycling?

Concrete recycling is an environmentally friendly practice that involves re-purposing old or unused concrete materials into new construction materials or products. This helps reduce the need for new raw materials and minimizes the environmental impact of concrete waste.

  Concrete Recycling Methods

Collection and Sorting

All the surplus concrete that is returned from the customer for any reason are discharged in the washing machine.

Washing and Cleaning

Washing machine remove contaminants such as dirt, clay, and other impurities.


Washed aggregates are screened to separate them by size. This step ensures that the aggregates are appropriately categorized for mixing.


The recycled aggregate concrete mix is tested for various properties, including strength, durability, workability, and consistency.

These tests ensure that the recycled concrete meets the required standards and specifications.

Batching and Delivery

Once the recycled concrete mix passes quality tests, it is batched and delivered to construction sites.

Importance of concrete recycling 

The cost of transportation for waste materials will decrease. 

Reducing the environmental impact of transferring waste to landfills. 

It contributes to the saving of landfill space.

It provides job opportunities.