Our materials

What is concrete?

Concrete is made up of three basic components: water, aggregate, and cement usually in powder form acts as a binding agent when mixed with water and aggregates.

Raw Materials & Quality Policy Statement 

we use local cement (Al Khalij cement factory) and Gabbro Aggregate from Oman. Washed sand From a Local supplier

Material Quality & Storage in Al MISNED READYMIX:

Al MISNED READYMIX Company has the capability to store raw materials such as various types of cement, gabbro aggregate, washed sand, water, admixture, micro silica, PFA, GGBS& flaked ice sufficient to produce approx.600m3 of concrete at any given time.


  • Percentage 60 – 75% aggregate
  • Broken stone is generally used as coarse aggregates.

Course and fine aggregates are stored under the shade in different bins separated by the concrete walls, protected against the inclusion of wind-blown dust, sulfates, and other foreign matter.


  • Percentage:   15- 20%
  • It should be free from Acids, Alkalis, or Iron.
  • Test every six months. 

Stored in a clean covered insulated tank.


  • Percentage: 10-15% 
  • The cement should comply with all standard specifications.
  • Chemical and Physical Analysis

Delivered to the plant in bulk containers and stored in silos.


Delivered to plant and stored in covered steel tanks connected to the dispensers of the plant.