Quality Engineering

Doha, Qatar

Quality Engineer - READYMIX

Ready-Mix Plant Quality Engineer Manages the daily quality aspects of concrete, ensuring that production quality are satisfactory.

1-Quality Control:

  • Maintain quality control procedures as QCS
  • Verify that the concrete mixes comply with industry standards and specifications.
  • Developing and verifying new MIX DESIGNS as needed.
  • Regular Training Quality control Team
  • Ensure the quality of raw materials through quality control procedures.
  • Conducting research and development to achieve the most cost-effective MIX DESIGN.

2-Inventory Management:

  • Coordinate with the Logistics supervisor to confirm the availability of raw materials.

3-Technician Management:

  • Supervise and oversee the tasks of Laboratory Technician.
  • Facilitate training sessions and growth opportunities for the team.

5-Health & safety:

  • Ensure that health and safety guidelines are followed.


  • Make sure all quality control documents are kept up to date.